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S300 Linear Strip Ceiling

Time:2019-10-22 Views:74
S type windproof aluminum linear ceiling / strip ceiling
Product Category: Strip ceiling series

S type windproof strip ceiling specifications:
W: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm
Thickness of type S windproof strip ceiling: 1.1-1.5mm
Surface treatment of type S windproof strip ceiling: powder electrostatic spraying, polyester paint spraying, roller coating, wood grain

S300 aluminum linear strip ceiling

S-type windproof type lienar ceiling, anti-corrosion and fireproof also has a special wind-proof buckle structure, S-type wind-proof strip ceiling and ordinary S-type buckle ratio, S-type wind-proof linear ceiling has strong wind-proof ability due to special installation method, can be widely used It is used in open air or large wind pressure places such as oil stations, stadiums, aisles, and eaves. S300 windproof buckle is currently the ceiling material aluminum ceiling for the PetroChina Sinopec gas station.

S300 metal linear strip ceiling

1. S-type 300-faced wind-proof linear aluminum ceiling is beautiful in appearance and colorful in color: clear and smooth lines, beautiful appearance, and dozens of standard colors, which can combine various decorative styles to create different styles. Visual effect;
2, S-type 300 face windproof strip aluminum ceiling practical, low material loss: any size within 6 meters can be customized according to the site size;
3, S-type 300 face windproof linear strip aluminum ceiling structure is simple: the installation structure is a standard keel snap-on structure, the appearance is flat, no gap;
4, S-type 300 face windproof linear aluminum ceiling easy to install and easy to disassemble, easy to maintain: keel the keel according to the horizontal line, the board can be buckled up, each board is independent, each board can be dismantled separately, It is easier to maintain;
5, S-type 300-faced windproof strip aluminum ceiling with flexible: special keel with fixed modulus of the teeth, the same keel, suitable for a variety of board sizes for flexible matching, can provide consumers with more design ideas and decoration effect;
6, S-type 300 face windproof strip aluminum ceiling can choose cloth hole, the back of the ceiling is attached with non-assisted sound-absorbing paper or sound-absorbing cotton for better sound absorption;
7, S-type 300 face windproof linear aluminum ceiling windproof, shockproof; suitable for public building projects and outlets of the clubhouse decoration. The quality has passed the authoritative test, the style is beautiful, the atmosphere, the simplicity, the elegant, the characteristics of the times, the practicality and the cost performance are very high. It is a suspended ceiling product designated by large companies such as PetroChina (China National Petroleum Corporation) and Sinopec.

installation of linear strip ceiling

application of S300 linear strip ceiling

S type 300 windproof strip buckle aluminum ceiling application range: plant, corridor, shopping mall, passage, gas station, lobby, station, subway
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