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300X300 integrated ceiling molding equipment, hot sales!

Time:2019-10-11 Views:338

The factory works overtime every day to produce 300X300 integrated ceiling molding equipment to ensure that the products can be produced according to quality and quantity as scheduled. Thank you for your trust in us.
300X300 integrated ceiling molding equipment, processing integrated ceiling hydraulic machine of 300X300 specification, is a small equipment specially designed for 300 sets of gussets, cut 4 corners, fold 4 sides, and buckle position, brand, integrate in one Machine. It occupies a small area and costs low. The thickness of the processed aluminum plate is 0.3-0.8, and the aluminum plate of the high and low side materials such as 332, 334, 336, 344, 348 is arbitrarily exchanged. The equipment is easy to operate and can be processed by one person. (Integrated ceiling hydraulic machine body thickness, the size of the table top can be customized according to customer needs.
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