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Fully automatic integrated ceiling equipment is not easy to use!

Time:2019-10-14 Views:102

Integrated ceiling equipment through years of continuous development, the former is mainly single-cylinder hydraulic press, but the single-cylinder hydraulic press defect is due to changes in customer demand, from simple sheet metal, from thickness, pattern, shape to become more complex, the principle of single-cylinder hydraulic press is the main cylinder press down after return, buckle plate from the die spring, but the pressure plate time is long, spring ineffective elasticity. As a result, production is hindered and efficiency is low.
Now the upper and lower double-cylinder ceiling equipment has completely solved this problem. After the main cylinder is pressed down and returned, the plate is automatically ejected from the lower cylinder, which solves the problem of clamping plate. The speed is also fast and the efficiency is high. And at present, more than 95% of customers choose this kind of product.
Fully automatic ceiling equipment is not recommended for personal use, the first high failure rate, relative to the customer is a knowledgeable, the second for the general processing shop is not large, the number of customer demand is different, the variety is different, can not be mass produced, if it is semi-finished sheet manufacturer can give due consideration. Third, we have to be equipped with professional teachers to take care of all-day.
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