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Introduction of Furring Hat Channel/Omega Profiles

Time:2020-10-15 Views:80
Various materials are used during construction and repair work. One of the most popular and highly sought-after elements among consumers is Metal profiles. At the same time, not every user knows that a wide variety of profiles can be found on the modern construction market. Common one is Furring Hat Channel/Omega Profile, today we‘ll talk about the distinctive features and properties of it.

What is Furring Hat/Omega Profile?

Furring hat profile (or Omega profile) is a building element made of a metal material. It is used in a variety of areas of human activity – for example, in the course of facade and roofing works or in the framework of pre-fabricated construction. The initial material for making a hat profile is a steel sheet, which, in turn, is characterized by a small thickness. In addition to this sheet, strips and ribbons are also used.

If we talk about the process of making a hat profile, it is important to note the fact that production consists of several stages. The main ones include:

measurement of rental strips;
the cutting of sheets of steel;
metal forming and profiling;
setting the required dimensions;
coating with various external solutions (for example, antiseptic or varnish);
cold or hot dip galvanizing;
painting (often due to this process, it is possible to give the profile resistance to temperature changes).

Features of this profile include:

High indicators of durability and strength (respectively, the profile will serve you for a long time, you can save your money);

High levels of dimensional accuracy;

Versatility (this characteristic is justified by the fact that the hat profile can be used for a variety of construction and repair purposes);

Ease of use (in this regard, it means that the material does not require complex maintenance measures);

Environmental cleanliness (due to this, the profile will not harm human health);

Low weight (low weight makes it easy to transport and store the material);

High anti-corrosion properties;

Fire safety;

Resistance to unstable temperatures;

Wide variety and high availability;

Budget price.

In KINGREAL MACHINERY, we have high-speed furring hat channel/omega profile making machine, which includes decoiler, roll forming machine, hydraulic shearing station. It can produce high-quality profiles with high production capacity and ease of operation thanks to our PLC system and touch screen control. For more information of this production line, please send us e-mail: sales@kingreal.org.

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