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Metal Suspended Ceilings Introduction

Time:2020-10-09 Views:118
Metal Suspended Ceilings Introduction

Today on sale you can find ceiling coverings made of different materials. The metal ceiling is especially popular because it has many advantages. It is installed in residential and public areas. Some varieties are allowed to be used in high humidity conditions. Due to the variety of colors, textures and design options, metal coatings are used in interiors decorated in different styles. We will take a look at the popular types of metal coatings, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as characteristics.

Pros and cons of metal ceilings

1, Steel and aluminum coatings do not accumulate dirt, do not absorb odors, and do not attract dust. They are easy to clean, moisture resistant and can be installed in wet locations. It is also allowed to use them in the kitchen, where grease and soot are often collected on the ceiling.

2, Metal panels are resistant to mechanical damage, they are very strong and durable.

3, Any metal structures are fire resistant. They do not sustain combustion and do not release toxic compounds in case of fire. In this regard, metal ceilings are allowed to be used in places where strict fire safety requirements are imposed.

4, The material is resistant to damage by microorganisms, which allows it to be used in medical institutions and public catering facilities.

5, Due to the variety of dimensions, shapes, colors and textures, you can always choose a coating to match the style and color of the interior. It is also possible to combine different systems or elements of the same type, but of different colors and textures, to create coatings that are interesting in terms of design.

6, The disadvantages are associated with the need for installation on a supporting frame, which is mounted at a distance from the main ceiling. Because of this, the height of the room decreases. Another disadvantage is associated with the high cost of the material.

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