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Selection of suitable integrated ceiling equipment

Time:2019-10-14 Views:91

Through many years of development and evolution, ceiling equipment has developed from single cylinder to double cylinder. Mould has also changed from single straight edge to inclined edge. In order to make their own characteristics, customers have made 300 *300 into 310 *310 fastener, and 450 *450 into 500 *500, etc.
So for the new customers who have just entered the industry, they think it is a mist to choose what kind of ceiling equipment is suitable for them. In fact, I personally think it is very simple to grasp one point. Your main customers are those. Now there are so many varieties and specifications. It is unrealistic that you want to do them all, unless you have your own marketing strategy and sales team, which have already occupied the market for many years. Only with a certain share can we operate on a large scale. If it‘s individual singles, we can fight alone. As long as we have one or two equipments, we can do it for a long time and add other equipments according to our own needs.
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