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Sound absorbing Aluminum alloy clip-in ceiling

Time:2021-05-07 Views:0

Sound-absorbing aluminum alloy clip-in ceiling products mainly refer to perforated aluminum clip-in ceiling products. General perforated aluminum clip-in ceiling products have a certain sound absorption effect. Different punching boards are only different in aperture size, shape, etc. , The sound absorption strength is also different.
For customers with high sound-absorbing requirements, we also recommend adding non-woven fabrics, sound-absorbing cloth, sound-absorbing cotton sound-absorbing and noise-reducing materials on the back of the perforated clip-in ceiling to improve the overall sound-absorbing effect of the product.
Aluminum alloy clip-in ceiling are mainly flat and perforated. The sound-absorbing aluminum alloy clip-in ceiling are mainly aluminum clip-in ceiling with different punching shapes. The aluminum material is formed by straight and perforated, and the specifications are more diverse. The surface treatment of the product is Powder Coating, so that the color of the product can be maintained for a long time and it is not easy to produce color difference.
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