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The reason for the loud noise of the hydraulic oil pump? How to solve?

Time:2021-05-06 Views:0

1. Because the four-column hydraulic oil pump is not tightly sealed, air is sucked in. Solution: The oil seal of the oil pump can be resealed to prevent the entry of air.
2. The overflow valve of the oil pump is blocked. Solution: Clean or replace the overflow valve.
3. The viscosity of the oil is high, and the oil temperature is too low, resulting in bubbles in the hydraulic oil. Solution: Change the appropriate oil according to different seasons.
4. Noise and vibration due to unstable pipeline fixation. Solution: fix the pipeline.
5. The speed of the four-column hydraulic oil pump is relatively high, and the motor is not suitable. Solution: The speed of the oil pump should be reduced, and the motor should be selected reasonably.
6. The oil inlet filter is clogged. Solution: Usually after cleaning the oil filter, the noise can be reduced.
7. The oil seals of the three-beam and four-column hydraulic oil pump are worn out, causing air to enter, and the bolts of the oil pump end cover are loosened. Solution: Replace the shaft seal of the oil pump and tighten the gland bolts.
8. The oil level of the oil is too low, causing air to be sucked in. Solution: Check the oil position in the oil tank in time and add enough oil.
9. The reason for the installation of the hydraulic cylinder of the four-column hydraulic machine is that the coupling of the oil pump and the motor is damaged or the oil pump and the motor are not concentric, resulting in loud noise during operation. Solution: Check the wear of the coupling, replace the coupling in time and align it according to the installation requirements.
10. Noise caused by mechanical reasons. Solution: As the dirt in the oil enters the oil pump, the gears are worn and strained to produce noise. The oil should be replaced, the oil filtering should be strengthened, and then the oil pump should be disassembled for cleaning. If the gear is worn severely, it needs to be ground or carried out. replace.
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