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Which kind of integrated ceiling equipment is used to process concave and convex moulding of aluminium clasp plate

Time:2019-10-12 Views:105

Where is the non-uniform processing equipment for the integrated ceiling with aluminum fasteners? Tell you what you like. Aluminum fasteners handle irregularities or hydraulic stretchers. Integrated ceiling equipment integration module mainly includes: lighting module, heating module, ventilation module, multi-functional module (MP3, thermohygrometer, early warning), surface design with high-tech nano sterilization function, including lighting module, heating module has also broken through the existing structure and quality of the market, bringing you not only simple changes. The original board is convex in the plane of the ceiling (aluminium clasp) above. The concave and convex die and press are made into concave and convex plates and processed into different shapes. There are various violations of the ceiling. Main processing integrated ceiling hydraulic equipment, forming equipment integrated ceiling, ceiling aluminum die.
There are the following types of concave-convex aluminium ceilings:
1. Simple single piercing convex ceiling die can be simply stamped with 25t piercing equipment.
2. Pressing dies, color concave dies, punches and other slightly complex moulding dies must be pressed by a small hydraulic press.
3. A more complex three-dimensional die clamp (color kneading die, aluminum deep stamping die), or a large hydraulic stretcher.
The processing technology of concave-convex aluminium ceiling is very simple. It only needs a single punch or embossing die or a three-dimensional fastening die, which can be stamped by a small or large hydraulic press.
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