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KINGREAL ceiling tile making machine Exported to India

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KINGREAL metal ceiling tile punch machine had been successfully installed in India. The metal ceiling tile perforation line including hydraulic decoiler, 15 rollers straightener, high speed punching press, high precision servo feeder, hydraulic notching & shearing press, precision straightener and manual bending forming system.
india steel ceiling tile making machine

This metal ceiling tile semi automatic production line can do the metal ceiling perforation, notching and shearing automatically. After that, the semi-finished products will be taken to the hydraulic ceiling bending machine to do the manual bending forming. The metal ceiling punching production line is featured with full automatic, easy to operation, low maintainence and economical cost.
india steel ceiling tile making machine

KINGREAL metal ceiling tile bending forming machine can do the four sides ceiling tile bending forming in one time. By changing the molds, the hydraulic press can bend CLIP IN or LAY IN ceiling tiles. 
india steel ceiling tile making machine

KINGREAL metal ceiling tile machine can produce both perforated metal ceiling tile and also plain metal ceiling tile plates. Usually the perforated holes are 1.8mm diameter, 2.5mm diameter or according with customer‘s request. All these different holes can be punched by the same press, only needs to change different perforation molds set.
india steel ceiling tile making machine

KINGREAL square suspended metal ceiling tile production line can proudce both steel ceiling tile and aluminum ceiling plates. For different materials only need to change the perforation molds. Same notching and bending forming molds can be used for the aluminum materials and steel materials.
india steel ceiling tile making machine

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