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Saudi Project 600X600mm Full Perforation Acoustic Nonwoven Stick Machine

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Our acoustic fleece glue machine for the full perforated ceiling plates had been successfully deliveried to Saudi. This production line is for installing the acoustic fleece on the back of the metal ceiling plates. Before this machine developed, we use manual way to glue the non-woven fabric on the back and it need a lots of labors. And this machine can reach the production speed up to 10PCS/min which is first choce for the false ceiling tile manufacturer.

KINGREAL ceiling textile install machine is featured with high speed, high accuray and easy to maintainence. This is the first choice for the perforated ceiling tile production equipment.


Acoustic nonwovens is widely used on all kinds of perforated metal ceiling panels to improve the acoustic performance, such as aluminium ceilings panel, galvanized ceiling panel, plasterboard, calcium silicate panel etc.

Acoustic nonwovens has the best air flow block and sound absoption performance, which can be used instead of abio-fiber acoustic products like fiberglass. It creates a more healthy, safer and environmental space for us.

KINGREAL can provide different type of ceiling textile fixing machine for the fasle ceiling tile manufacturers, such as 1200*600mm perforated ceiling tile, 600*600mm perforated ceiling plate, 300*300mm perforation ceiling tile production line, 300*1200mm perforated ceiling panel.

The basic process of the ceiling textile fixing machine is one man to put the ceiling tile on the feed point, after the panel was transport to the position, the manipulator will pull the non-woven textile to the set length then cut by the electrical wire. At the same time, the textile will be glued on the back by the rubber roller. Then the textile will be put on the perforated ceiling panel and scratch to make sure the flatness of the ceiling panel.

drying oven of ceiling textile stick machine

After the ceiling textile is glued on the ceiling plate, the ceiling tile need to be dried by the oven. The drying oven can be make with different length to ensure the drying of the glue.

drying oven of ceiling textile fixing machine

After fixing on the ceiling non-won textile, the ceiling plate will be delivery into the electrical oven tunnel automatically. The temparature of the oven can reach 80-120 degree.

cooling part of the ceiling textile fixing machine

After cooling, the non-woven textile of the ceiling need to be cooled before package.

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