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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

30X30CM Full Automatic Ceiling Tile Making Machine

KINGREAL 30*30CM Suspended Ceiling Tile making machine is new developed full automatic system, which can produce the ready products from the coil to the ready products.

    KINGREAL 30*30CM full automatic production line can produce 30*30CM metal ceiling tile full automatically from the coil to the ready products. 

    30*30CM aluminum ceiling tile making machine
    KINGREAL 300*300mm metal ceiling production line can produce the perforated metal ceiling boards in full automatic procedure. The 30*30CM automatic ceiling tile perforation line including auto decoiler, straightener, auto perforation press, auto notching and shearing, auto tile turns, auto sheet washing and drying, auto bending forming and auto stack system. 

    Also it can be connected with the fleece lamination machine to glue the accoustic fleece. By these full automatic operation, the final products can be produced full automatically which is from the raw material coil to the final products. 

    30*30CM suspended ceiling tile making machine
    For 300*300mm metal false ceiling, KINGREAL false ceiling tile production line uses pre-painted aluminu coil as the raw material. For coil raw material, we will use the hydraulic decoiler to auto uncoil the material then use the straightener to level the material before the ceiling perforation. 

    30*30CM suspended ceiling tile making machine
    KINGREAL full atuomatic ceiling tile production line has auto tile turn machine. After perforated, the aluminum sheet has burrs on the backside, so it will has to be auto turned. We use automatic manipulator for the corner cutting and bending forming. This is first choice for the ceiling tile production line manufactuer. Which can save a lot of labor cost for the manufactuer.

    30*30CM suspended ceiling tile making machine
    KINGREAL hydraulic ceiling tile bending forming machine can do the ceiling plates bending forming full automatically, the perforated sheet can be sent to the hydraulic bending forming press automatically by the manipulator. Then the hydraulic press will do the bending forming, after the ceiling tile bending forming, it will be pushed out. At the same time, one new perforated sheet will be put into the hydraulic press. 

    300MM metal ceiling perforation line

    300MM metal ceiling perforation line

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