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Square Metal Ceiling Machine

High Speed 60X60CM Ceiling Tile Production Line

KINGREAL high speed metal ceiling tile making machine 
    KINGREAL high speed full automatic metal ceiling production line is one of our most featuring products. This suspended metal ceiling production line can proudce 60*60CM metal ceiling tile full automatically with high speed. 

    high speed metal ceiling tile production line
    This aluminum ceiling board production equipment do the notching and tiles bending in two steps. With this technology, the ceiling tile surface is flat, the splicing is neat, the thick and thin materials can be adjusted, the equipment process is simple, and the operation is easy.

    high speed metal ceiling tile production line
    KINGREAL aluminum ceiling tile perforation line uses high quality slow wire cut molds and it can do the ceiling boards perforation in high speed up to 250SPM. 

    high speed metal ceiling tile production line
    The metal ceiling tile notching mold is designed as intergral design and it can produce 30*60CM metal ceiling tile, 60*60CM metal ceiling tile and 60*120CM ceiling board on the same mold. KINGREAL metal ceiling tile production line is featured with easy to operate, high speed output and full automatically running.
    By this design can reduce the cost of machine and also it can save the occupy space. And it has became the market trend.

    high speed metal ceiling tile production line
    The aluminum ceiling tile bending forming is full automatic operation, the auto manipulator will take the perforated sheet into the bending forming hydraulic press and one finished products will be pushed out the mold. 

    KINGREAL full automatic line design can reduce the risk of labor injury, also it will reduce the labor cost which is rapidly increased in many countries. 

    high speed metal ceiling tile production line

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