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Brief Introduction of Metal Ceiling Proudcts

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Intoduction of Metal Ceiling:

Metal Ceilings include aluminum strip panelssquare aluminum panels, aluminum grating, wood-grain steel panels.


Characteristic of Aluminum strip panel:

Aluminum strip panels are made from painted AA3005, 3105, or 1100 aluminum alloy rolls. Their thickness is usually 0.5-0.6mm. Other aluminum alloys can be used to meet customers‘ special needs.

The colors of the aluminum strip panels are obtained using imported European colored aluminum rolls. The surface of the aluminum is coated with resin. Powder or fluorocarbon paints may be used to meet special needs or accommodate use in special environments.

The panels have a clean, attractive, linear appearance. They can be installed quickly, are highly durable, and have a smooth surface that will not attract dust. They can be cleaned using a neutral cleanser, but the use of mineral spirits or toluene should be avoided in order to protect the painted surface.

If air conditioning ducts or lights must be installed in an aluminum strip panel ceiling, spaces must be left open at the time of installation, or special frames installed, and hangers put in place.

The surface of the aluminum strip panels is punched, and a layer of unwoven cloth is glued to their back to achieve an excellent soundproofing effect. Two punching methods can be used: (1) 1.0mm punched holes spaced 2mm apart; holes are arranged in a 45° pattern, with a punching ratio of 17%. (2) 1.8mm punched holes spaced 5.0mm apart; holes are arranged in a 45° pattern, with a punching ratio of 20%.

Standard color schemes:

The painted aluminum panels are available in several color schemes: Beige, wheat, silver sand, golden sand, light brick, and champagne.

We also offer embossed steel panels with a beige resin finish, and laminated steel panels in cypress and walnut patterns.


Characteristic of Aluminum grating:

The aluminum grating ceiling is composed of large numbers of U-shaped aluminum strip panels. This type of ceiling has very clean lines and a pleasing decorative effect.

The panel material is typically painted AA3005, 3105, or 1100 aluminum alloy rolls. Other material can also be used to meet customers‘ special needs.

Dimensions: The aluminum grating has a height of 40mm/50mm, and a base width of 12mm. The panel material has a thickness of 0.5mm; the grid pattern is available in several dimensions.

Installation: There are different aluminum grating installation methods for exposed and hidden/exposed ceilings. Once the ceiling is exposed, it is only necessary to hang the assembled aluminum grating on the completed T-bar. When a hidden grid ceiling is installed, a main grid and auxiliary frame with the same pattern as the panels must be used in order to achieve an integrated decorative effect.


Characteristic of Wood-grain steel strip panels:

Installation: The strip-type ceiling panels have folds on either side, and are used together with a special frame. After the frame has been installed, the panels can be attached under the frame without the use of other components. Installation is fast and economical.

The wood-grain steel panels have a base material of galvanized steel sheet, and are sturdy and durable. PVC film surface complies with many national standards; it is resistant to scratches and abrasion, is fire resistant, and not easily soiled. These highly durable ceiling panels can be used for 30 years or more.


Characteristic of Sqaure aluminum panels:

The square aluminum panels are made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum via die-casting and painting. It is suitable for semi-exposed and hidden grid systems. The material meets CNS national standards.

Dimensions: Semi-exposed system panels are 2‘*2‘ in size; suitable for 610mm*610mm. Flat and punched panels have a thickness of 0.6mm; 3D pattern panels have a thickness of 0.8mm.

The standard color is white. The surface has a powder paint finish and will not attract dust. When it’s dirty, it can be wiped with water or a gentle cleanser.


Application for Metal Ceiling:

 Public buildings, commercial spaces, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, stations, and shopping centers.

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