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How To Choose Ceiling Tile Oil Press Machine?

Time:2019-07-04 Views:4836

There is often a guest on the phone, online or consult some questions about aspects of integrated ceiling device. Today I put the question to everyone summed up what everyone devices for integrated ceiling issue basically come around to a few questions.

Molding and shaping twice a difference, choose a shape or two good shape?

A molding process that can be pressed into a finished product. Only need one set of mold machine, a worker can complete molding.

Two molding is by first cutting angle, then folding and forming, the two forming processes. Two molding machines require two sets of molds to complete molding.

Produce different specifications of the board need to change a different ceiling tile production machine?

Production of different specifications of board requires a different mold, but only need to swap the mold can be. Our 40T hydraulic machine can hold 300 * 300mm, 300 * 450mm, 300 * 600mm, 450 * 450mm board these specifications, covering almost all of the home improvement board.

A day to produce the number of machine aluminum ceiling?

A skilled one minute can be pressed 8-14 tablets. So eight hours a day, a worker of a machine can be molded around 500 square aluminum ceiling tiles

Ceiling materials where to go to buy?

Our company has done part of the pressure plate, you can contact customer service plus Q into space to see the model picture. Raw material manufacturers have a lot next to our factory, we can introduce a few in the industry to do a very good material manufacturers.

Machinery and mold how to debug? If sent home installation?

Our machines and molds have been installed and debugged before the factory, so do not send technical personnel on-site installation. As long as customers learn to connect electricity and fuel. Can learn the basic operation of 2-3 hours in my company before buying the machine will be a.

Machine using a few phase electricity? Voltage? How much power? How many machines overall footprint, how high?

Machine using a three-phase power, the voltage is 380V, 25T, 40T, 90T hydraulic power and specifications are as follows 

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