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KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Perforation line

Time:2022-03-04 Views:721

Ø  Device Description

The Metal Ceiling Tile Perforation line is mainly used for the processing and production of decorative ceilings. The whole machine is fully controlled by computer, and the equipment can achieve the advantages of high manufacturing precision, fast processing speed, and fewer operators.

Aluminium ceiling tile production line making machine are very popular and widely used in the modern building now.



Ø  Structure of the line:

-Hydraulic Decoiler

-Precision Straightener

-Punching Press

-Servo Feeder

-Notching Shearing Press (Optional)

-Product Output


Ø  Parts display

Hydraulic decoiler

To respond to changing demands, we have hydraulic decoiler and manual decoiler with integrated hydraulic core expansion system. For more, there is optional trolley for full-automatic metal loading.


The machine provides high-precision straightening. To ensure straightness of materials, we doubled the amount of precision rolls. As a result, finished products have higher precision. Leveling rollers, which are made of 40Cr round bars, were thermal refined, quenched at high frequency, electroplated twice and accurately ground. They are smooth, without scratches, their hardness are above HRC62,and regulated by 4 threaded rods.


Aviation Plug Design

Our machines use aviation plug design to connect the circuit. The design has the characteristics of simple installation and beautiful appearance.

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