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The service is thoughtful and selects the kingreal 300X300 integrated ceiling molding machine

Time:2019-09-26 Views:3599

Buying 300X300 integrated ceiling molding equipment, the biggest advantage is: good service, only need a phone call or a message, kingreal can meet all your ideas, give you the perfect service. The mouth says nothing, everyone will come to experience it for yourself!
Product configuration: 20T hydraulic press + 40T large countertop four-column double-cylinder hydraulic press + 300X300 chamfer forming mold 1 set. Machining 300X300 aluminum ceiling equipment, you can punch out a right-angle or beveled aluminum gusset, aluminum ceiling, integrated ceiling panel product by simply cutting and cornering. Cut four R angles, buckle the position, and mark the trademark in the 20T hydraulic press at one time, fold the four sides, shape, and shape in the 40T hydraulic press. The 332, 334, 336 and other high and low sides can be exchanged arbitrarily, and the positioning can be done. The trademark code can be replaced at will without disassembly. The process is simple, the operation is simple, the shipment is fast, no waste, high efficiency and safety.
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