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Aluminum Suspended Ceiling Classification

Time:2023-03-21 Views:207

The Aluminum Ceiling is a ceiling made of aluminum, which is usually used in office buildings and is a lighter concrete ceiling. Aluminum ceiling ceilings can be divided into many categories, the more common is the aluminum ceiling ceiling ceiling aluminum ceiling types:

1. Aluminum Open Cell Ceiling

open cell ceiling machine

The Open Cell Ceiling is produced by Open Cell Ceiling Production Line, which is composed of aluminum grille and aluminum structure, has the characteristics of different design scheme and novel shape design after installation.

The inward crimping of the main keel and the top of the secondary keel enhances the solidity of the bones, and the main keel and the secondary keel can be trimmed on site to meet the requirements of different places.

The trimmed strips can still be used in conjunction with each other. The unique structure of the port number of the main keel and sub keel makes the connection of the strips safe for use.

2. Aluminum U Baffle Ceiling

acoustic baffle ceiling

Aluminum U Baffle Ceiling produced by Acoustic Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine, which is used in the subway station, high speed railway, subway station, airports, large and medium-sized large shopping malls, security channel, leisure and entertainment venues, public washrooms, housing construction walls and other open venues.

The Baffle Ceiling is this kind of open translucent strip channel board, which is composed of aluminum square ceiling with spacing sort. It is chosen to be hung in the main keel installation, which hides the software of the main keel system on the visual level.


3. Aluminum Linear Strip Ceiling

suspended linear strip ceiling

Tight structure, strong moisture resistance. Installed structure for the sand-proof unique main keel locking structure, spell tightly, without a gap, the

Suitable for outdoor decoration, high safety factor, can be suitable for outdoor equipment and can be easily assembled application, for the interior designer to show a wider design conception of indoor space.

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