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How to inspect the aluminum ceiling?

Time:2022-08-18 Views:250

The aluminum ceiling is produced by Aluminum Ceiling Production Line, which is formed from sheet metal. The connection form of the aluminum ceiling is a plug-in type. In order to ensure that the connection is flat and not loose, the size of the connection structure should be relatively accurate, the allowable adjustment range is small, and the installation requirements are high.

The installation level directly determines the use effect. Many users say that the problem of connecting the plate and the frame occurs when cheap aluminum plate is used for less than half a year.

Therefore, remind everyone that if the installation of the top frame is uneven or the channel and aluminum ceiling are deformed, hard insertion during installation will cause the aluminum ceiling to be uneven. Here, it is recommended that you buy brand aluminum ceiling with good quality and perfect after sales service, such as KINGREAL MACHINERY.


In order to avoid the unevenness of the aluminum ceiling, the following points should be paid attention to during the decoration construction process:

1.     The purchased aluminum ceiling and its matching frame and accessories should meet the product quality requirements and must not be bent or deformed.

2.     During the transportation and stacking process, the aluminum ceiling should be laid flat, not under pressure, and avoid the erosion of high temperature and harmful substances.

3.     The frame should be installed flat, and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range of 1.5 meters.

4.     When installing the aluminum ceiling, if there is a deviation in size, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in order, and must not be inserted hard to prevent deformation.

5.     Large lamps, exhaust fans and other objects should be fixed by frame alone, and should not be placed directly on the aluminum ceiling.


As long as you can pay attention to the above five points, you can basically achieve the firm effect of the aluminum ceiling and avoid unevenness. In the construction process, if necessary, observation and inspection can be carried out by means of ruler measurement, hand test, etc.

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