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T bar grid ceiling construction technology

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Construction preparation:

1. Before the ceiling installation, it should be carried out after the completion of the precious process.

2. The original holes should be filled completely without cracks or leaks.

3. The original boom should meet the design requirements;

4. The pipeline installed in the previous process should be subject to process quality acceptance.

Construction technology

For the metal ceiling project, ensure that the ceiling is flat, the seam is thin, the line is straight, and the interface (the interface between the flat roof and the wall and the lamps) is in good agreement with the light fixtures, fire alarms, air vents, and other decorations. Consistent with the quantitative construction standards of national industry standards.

Preparation before construction

In order to ensure the construction quality and the progress of the construction period, the following work needs to be done in the early stage of construction.

1. Before the ceiling is suspended, the ventilation, water, electricity and fire pipes in the ceiling should be installed. The switches and sockets running from the ceiling through the wall are also installed, the construction materials are ready, and the necessary scaffolding has been set up.

2. Structural inspection. Before the ceiling construction, the structure of the building where the ceiling is fixed should be checked, and the construction quality must meet the design requirements.

3. Pay off. The elevation line is placed according to the design requirements. The ceiling shape position line and hanging point are not limited. For large and medium-sized lamp positions, the elevation line is bounced on the wall or cylinder, and the other lines are bounced on the bottom of the building.

4. According to the 50cm horizontal line on the indoor wall, use a ruler to measure the design elevation of the ceiling, and play the line on the surrounding walls as the elevation line around the ceiling. The elastic line should be clear, the position should be accurate, and its horizontal allowable deviation is ±5cm.

5. 4. Determine the position of the ceiling.

6. The hanging points of the flat ceiling are generally arranged at a distance of about 1cm.

T bar grid ceiling construction operation steps:

Elastic wire- Installation of boom- Installation of profile and accessories- Aluminum alloy grille ceiling ground assembly- Installation of grille ceiling.

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