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The difference between different metal ceilings

Time:2022-05-30 Views:159

The suspended ceiling is a very important part of home decoration. In short, the suspended ceiling is a type of material used to decorate the ceiling. Now there are many kinds of suspended ceiling materials on the market, and the suitable styles and actual effects are also very different. Choose a function that matches and appropriate style ceiling is very important.


According to industry insiders, the types of ceiling materials on the market are roughly divided into 4 types: Integrated, Gypsum board , Aluminum gusset and PVC . The owner needs to identify and select the place where the ceiling is suitable.

Integrated Ceiling


It is the most commonly used type in the industry at present. It is a collection of lamps, exhaust fans and other products in a ceiling. Not only beautiful, but also very convenient to install, it can also be effectively divided according to the function of the room, so that the light source can play a limited role.  

Many people think that the thicker the thickness of the ceiling, the better. In fact, the choice of the ceiling should not blindly pursue the thickness, as long as it reaches the national standard of 0.6mm, it can meet the use of the kitchen and bathroom.

Gypsum Board Ceiling

However, it is easy to blister and discolor after a long time, and before the formal construction, workers need to measure the level of the wall, otherwise the installed ceiling is prone to tilt or there is a height difference.

In addition, it is recommended that you use stainless steel drywall nails to fix the gypsum board. If the nails are rusted, it will affect the overall aesthetics.

Aluminum Metal Ceiling

Aluminum metal ceiling is Produced by Aluminum Metal Ceiling Making Machine.

It has several types of materials, such as aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-manganese alloy, etc. The latter has higher hardness and good corrosion resistance, commonly known as stainless aluminum.

The former not only increases the hardness, but also increases some brightness, making the ceiling texture good and the decorative effect strong.

It should be noted that many inferior substrates on the market are made of materials such as garbage aluminum, recycled aluminum or soil mixed aluminum. The products they produce are easy to deform and oxidize, and may also contain harmful substances such as chromium, lead, and mercury. Although the price is low, The hardness is high, but it is best not to buy it.


PVC Ceiling

It also has irreplaceable advantages, such low cost, various colors, easy cleaning and convenient paving. Therefore, at that moment, many factories chosen to buy the PVC Making Machine to meet local needs.

Why was it eliminated? Its disadvantage is that it is bot very practical. After installation, the owner cannot disassemble and assemble it at will. If there is a problem, it must be handled by professionals and after using it for a long time, you will find that the PVC ceiling is prone to aging and discoloration.

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