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Why Choose open cell ceiling tile?

Time:2022-05-24 Views:169

Perforated Ceiling

The open cell ceiling tile is produced by Open Cell Ceiling Automatic Making Machine, which is consists of a series of open unit modules designed to be laid on a suspended grid. Ceiling tiles can be integrated into other metal ceiling systems and plasterboard ceilings.


Open cell ceilings are designed and built to the highest standards and offer exceptional build and acoustic quality. Open cell ceilings can provide flexible options for a variety of projects.


Why choose open cell ceiling tile?

The first reason is aesthetic. Open cell ceilings can create a visually pleasing roof for any space. Most commercial office spaces and other larger areas use pressurization systems to allow ducts, cables, etc. To run along the ceiling.


This obviously dont always look good. The open cell ceiling tile covers all of this, but because of the way its designed, it can also use shadow and light to create something more than just a ceiling. The design team is here to help you create a ceiling that people can see and bring a positive feeling to the space.


Open Cell Ceiling Tile Application:

Open cell ceilings are especially useful for buildings with less ventilation depth and are very popular in such spaces. They are also suitable for places where you want to give a room a lower ceiling without actually changing the roof height.


Open cell ceilings can be used to lower the roof-line while maintaining the original space. Wherever you need to design something light and flexible, we can create an open cell ceiling that will fit. This metal ceiling is suitable for leisure industries, schools, offices, corporate buildings and public places.


Colors and Finishes

Open unit ceiling systems are available in a standard pre-coat aluminium white finish. The system can also be finished in any standard RAL colour. This allows customers to create custom finishes to match existing or planned colorways and designs.


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