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How To Install The Perforated Metal Ceiling?

Time:2023-05-10 Views:985

Advantages Of Perforated Metal Ceiling:

1. Perforated aluminum ceiling carrier picture products are in various shapes, beautiful and elegant; can flexibly adjust the visual height of the upper space.

2. Perforated aluminum ceilings are convenient for ventilation and smoke exhaust in the upper ceiling void; there is enough upper space for equipment maintenance.

3. Perforated aluminum ceiling features for concealed works in many crowded public places, to facilitate the circulation of air, exhaust, heat dissipation at the same time, can make the light distribution evenly, so that the whole space is spacious and bright.

4. Perforated aluminum ceilings are easy to install and disassemble.

How To Install Perforated Metal Ceiling?

1. According to the required horizontal height pull the horizontal line, vertical and horizontal vertical are required to pull.

2. Suspend the light steel keel (38 or 5 keel) according to the suitable spacing, the general spacing is 1-1.2 meters, and the distance of the boom is distributed according to the regulations of the light steel keel.

3. Put the pre-installed hanging parts on the keel, together with the acoustic baffle ceiling carrier installed under the light steel keel, the spacing of the square keel is generally 1 meter, and all must be adjusted to the level after installation.

4. Hang the aluminum baffle and wood grain aluminum baffle ceiling series on the carrier in order, then press down the inverted locking piece, and the square pass end should be kept at a distance of 1mm or 2mm.

5. When installing the baffle, you must bring gloves, if you accidentally leave fingerprints or stains, you can use detergent to wash with boiling water and wipe dry.

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