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Ceiling Fleece Gluing Machine

Metal Ceiling Tiles Fleece Gluing Machine

KINGREAL can provide the metal ceiling tiles fleece gluing machine, which mainly used to produce the acoustic metal ceiling tile. KINGREAL can customise different production solutions to suit the needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us.

    Video About Metal Ceiling Tiles Fleece Gluing Machine

    What Is Metal Ceiling Tiles Fleece Gluing Machine?

    KINGREAL Metal Ceiling Tile Fleece Gluing Machine, also called ceiling laminator machine, which is design for laminating ceiling fabrics. It allows the metal ceiling fabric to be automatically laid, positioned and laminated to improve the efficiency and quality of the work.

    suspended ceiling machine

    This production line mainly contains following procedures: Automatic loading, Cutting, Textile Sticking, Flattening, Final Product Output. It is the first choice for metal ceiling tiles manufacturers. The use of ceiling cladding machines reduces manual operations and errors, improving the quality and efficiency of the work. This machine increases efficiency and reduces labour costs, while also ensuring the quality and consistency of the applied fabric. It is often used for large construction projects or where large quantities of fabric need to be applied.

    Why are acoustic ceilings so popular?

    drop ceiling tiles making machine

    The main function of an acoustic metal ceiling is to reduce noise and echoes in the room and to improve sound quality and speech intelligibility. It absorbs sound waves from audio equipment, human voices, machine noise etc. and reduces their bounce and diffusion in the room, thus reducing noise levels and improving the clarity of sound.

    Acoustic ceilings are often used in recording studios, concert halls, theatres, conference rooms, restaurants and other places where good sound quality and a comfortable environment are required.

    Working Process Of This Sticking Production Line

    suspended ceiling tiles machine

    The automatic fleece sticking production line contains precision servo system to make sure precise installation for metal ceiling tiles. Drying and Cooling Section for quick dry and cool after textile sticking.

    With full-auto/semi-auto metal ceiling tiles production line, these two lines can provide metal ceiling panels with textile sticked. Which was popular among our previous clients.

    Advantage Of The Machine

    drop ceiling tiles making machine

    The Fleece Sticking Production Line is compatible with different sizes of metal ceiling tiles, such as 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x600mm, 1200x600mm etc.

    Also, Lay-on, Lay-in, Clip-in tiles can be sticked with fleece, too. This feature makes production line universal type, in reality it was exported to many clients around the world, such as to UAE, Turkey, KSA etc.

     Installation Service

    In order to help our customers to solve machine installation problems, KINGREAL will provide both online and local installation services.

    1. Online installation guide

    -  Photos and videos of machine will be sent

    - Online group will be initiated to discuss together

    - Regular video conference be held to keep communication and contacting

    2.  Local installation

    KINGREAL will arrange engineers to go abroad to install the machine at the customer‘s place to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and will provide all technical guidance. Exact costs to be negotiated.

    suspended ceiling machine

    KINGREAL Technical Team

    KINGREAL has a professional technical team with more than 25 years of relevant experience from the drawing design to the manufacturing of fleece sticking machine. 

    We has established the localized technical support team in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Greece, Indonesia and etc.. Localized service points in other countries are also in progress.

    drop ceiling tiles machine
    KINGREAL technical team in Saudi Arabia

    KINGREAL‘S Project in Global
    suspended ceiling tiles making machine

    Please submit your basic information, we will contact you as soon as possible!





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