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Welcome to KINGREAL Factory

KINGREAL MACHINERY is a professional metal processing equipment manufacturer in China, among which KINGREAL SHEET FORMING specializes in the field of sheet metal processing equipment, which has been in production for as long as 20 years. From design, production, export to after-sales, specializing in Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line, Metal Coil Perforation Line, Suspended Ceiling Roll Forming Machine, Ceiling T Bar Machine and Ventilation System Equipment, etc.

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Over the years, KINGREAL has been adhering to:

Precision machining: KINGREAL has experienced technical engineers. After understanding the specific needs of customers, they will give reasonable solutions and use the most advanced technology design and manufacturing processes to ensure that customers can get the same high-quality finished machines as always.

Technology R&D: In order to better integrate R&D and production, KINGREAL has established our own factory. Over the years, we have continuously invested in the R&D of metal processing machine technology, and have brought better experience to customers by combining innovative technology with the improvement of existing technology.

Systematic service: KINGREAL has established a complete service system from pre-sales to sales and after-sales. Before and during sales, we have the most professional technical specialists to answer your questions and provide the latest technical solutions and quotations. As for after-sales, you don‘t have to worry about it. In order to solve metal processing machine usage problems for customers in a timely manner, KINGREAL provides services such as sending technicians to customer factories for installation, usage training, and machine troubleshooting. Over the years, our company‘s perfect service system has received many praises from customers around the world, and improving customer satisfaction is also our company‘s persistent pursuit.

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For more than 20 years, KINGREAL has established good cooperative relations with friends all over the world with its excellent technology and perfect service. Our sheet metal processing machines and our after-sales engineers have traveled to many countries around the world, including: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Qatar, Egypt, India, the United States, etc. KINGREAL looks forward to establishing long-term and good cooperation with more friends.

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