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Ceiling T Bar Roll Forming Machine For Open Cell Ceiling

Ceiling T Bar Roll Forming Machine From KINGREAL Machine, which can be customized to meet the needs of customers, are mostly used for lay in metal ceilings and open cell ceiling.


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     Solution Description:

    galvanized t bar machine

    As one of the professional manufacturers in the building material machinery industry, KINREAL has successfully designed a variety of production solutions according to the needs of customers, among which the use of T Bar Roll Forming Machine with the most popular.

    T Bar Roll Forming Machine For Lay In Ceiling Tile:

    A t bar grid is a horizontal and vertical skeleton made of a metal material in the shape of a T. This type of keel is usually installed in the ceiling to support and secure ceiling panels. Its transverse portion is mounted to the ceiling while the longitudinal portion is attached to the walls to enhance the stability of the entire structure.

    steel t bar machine
    stainless steel t bar machine

    Ceiling T Bar Making Machine For Open Cell Ceiling:

    Open Cell Ceiling is a decorative panel usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel.

    It is available in a variety of different patterns and colors for its surface and can be customized to meet design needs. Grille panels are fixed to the suspended ceiling by inserting them into grooves on the transverse arms of the t bar grid.

    Description of T Bar Roll Forming Machine:

    KINGREAL T Bar Roll Forming Machine is consist of main two different machine, one is used to produce main steel tee of 3600 mm length, while the other is used to automatically manufacture cross 
    steel tee of 600 mm and 1200 mm length. Of course, other customized steel t bar roll forming machine are also available, including:

    - FUT Ceiling T Bar Machine;

    - Silhouette T Bar Roll Forming Machine

    -And Groove T Bar Grid Making Machine.

    steel tee machine

    KINGREAL T Bar Roll Forming Machine adopts advanced molding technology, by forming the metal sheet into T-shaped keel through a series of processing procedures. The machine has high efficiency and precise molding ability, and can quickly and accurately manufacture t bar grid that meets the specifications. It usually consists of feeding system, forming system, cutting system, control system, etc.

     Main Component Of T Bar Roll Forming Machine:








    Coiled strip discharger (load: 500 kg plus 300 kg)

    Roll forming equipment 




    Punching machine



    Online punching and cutting at the main T bar

    Hydraulic system 



    punching station with hydraulics

    Punching dies



    sets of stamping dies 22 punching dies plus two sets of plug dies with two punching holes each.

    Finished product Table



    Table of finished goods production

    Electrical control system



    comprising a power distribution cabinet and an operation panel for an OUCH screen

     Technical Specification:

    Raw material

    Galvanized steel sheet, color coated sheet


    0.2-0.35mm, color-coated galvanized sheet thickness 0.25-0.3mm

    Product specifications

    Flat T gird height 24mm x width 24mm


    380v 50HZ

    Roll material

    Cr12mov quenching hardness HRC 58-62

    Maximum forming speed

    20-30 m / min

    Roll Forming stands

    15-20 Rollers station

     Recommend Machine-【Open Cell Ceiling Roll Forming Machine】

    The ceiling grid tile, one of our most popular items, can be made entirely with our equipment. The material decoiler, punch, primary roll forming, and final product collection components are all a part of KINGREAL Open Cell Ceiling Making Machine.

    The open cell ceiling system, including the main grid, cross grid, and 600/1200/2400mm carriers, may be produced using this production process by altering the punch molds.

     suspended ceiling grid machine

     Final Product

    grid metal ceiling

    Customized Service

    As a professional manufacturer of metal processing making machine in China, KINGREAL has been in design - production - installation - after-sales for more than 20 years. KINGREAL is able to customize production solutions according to customer‘s drawings and specific parameter requirements.

    After you ordered, our technical team will test the machine in an effort to insure every mechanical and electrical parts are in perfect condition.

    t bar roll forming machine design drop ceiling t bar maching manufacturer
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