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What are the advantages and disadvantages of grille ceiling?

Time:2022-10-14 Views:2113

Ceiling is the focus of home decoration, which is produced by Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line. As one of the common types of ceiling, grille ceiling also called open cell ceiling is produced by Open Cell Ceiling Making Machine, which can be seen in large shopping malls, restaurants and airports, subways and home decoration.

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of the grille ceiling? How to install it? And are there any steps and precautions? In this article, KINGREAL will introduce the content of the grille ceiling in detail.

Advantages of grille ceiling 

1. Excellent performance

The griller ceiling has non-combustibility, fire resistance, ventilation and corrosion resistance, and is rich in colors, which can be decorated with ceilings in different areas and styles

2. Health and environmental protection

The grille ceiling has the characteristics of no radiation and no emission of harmful substances, and also has anti-ultraviolet and excellent acid and alkalic resistance.

3. Simple installation

The installation of the grille ceiling is relatively simple, and the installation effect is good, the structure is exquisite, the layers are rich, and it looks more three-dimensional and open. The grille ceiling is composed of multiple unit modules, so it can be easily assembled or disassembled, and it is very convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of various concealed projects in the later period.

4. Various styles

There are many materials for making the grille ceiling, so there are also many corresponding styles. For example, the wooden grille ceiling looks simply. The metal grille ceiling has an industrial style, the metal grille ceiling has an industrial style, and the plastic grille ceiling has bright colors and various styles.

Disadvantages of grille ceiling

The only disadvantage of the grille ceiling is that if dust falls into the grid, it will be difficult to clean.

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