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Cell Ceiling Grille? What Is It Like?

Time:2023-11-23 Views:690
Grid ceiling is a relatively popular ceiling in recent years. Its open grid design makes many people interested in it. So, what exactly is a grille ceiling? In order to help readers understand how to choose the right cell ceiling grille for themselves and create a personalized interior space, the following KINGREAL will introduce what cell ceiling grille is like.

1.Why install a suspended ceiling
Many people have questions about this issue, and even think that there is no need to install a suspended ceiling, they think it just looks better. In fact, installing a suspended ceiling is not only for decorative effect, but also has other functions.

First of all, whether you live on the ground floor or on a high floor, installing a suspended ceiling can provide better indoor heat insulation and make up for the shortcomings of the original structure. Secondly, if the roof is too high, the room will appear too empty. Installing a suspended ceiling can eliminate this shortcoming. Finally, installing a suspended ceiling can also be used to divide space, which not only maintains the integrity of the house, but also divides functional areas to make the house more practical.

2.What is the cell ceiling grille
Cell ceiling grilles are generally constructed in the form of an open grid. We may see grille ceilings in many places, such as stylish restaurants, simple and fashionable exhibition halls, spacious and bright airports, personalized bars, large shopping malls, etc. Cell ceiling grilles give these places distinctive features.

3.Material of grille ceiling
The materials used to make grille ceiling will be different and the effect will be different. We often see a lot of grille ceiling effect, usually made of plastic, wood and metal.

(1)Plastic cell ceiling grille is lightweight, low cost, color is very diverse, can meet the needs of owners in the color. They also have the advantages of being waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, and flame-retardant. However, due to the characteristics of plastic, plastic grid ceilings also have some defects, such as they cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time, and they will become brittle and easy to break after being used for a long time. Therefore, when choosing to install a plastic cell ceiling grille, you should choose better and more durable plastic materials.

(2)Wooden cell ceiling grilles give the space a natural feel and are often used in restaurants, bars, and homes. The qualities of wood and good-looking texture, aesthetics is needless to say, the most important point is more environmentally friendly.

(3)Metal cell ceiling grilles are generally used in simple style decoration. Metal grille ceilings are generally made of aluminum and iron, which can be made separately or combined with each other. Metal cell ceiling grille is the most durable and practical type of grille ceiling. No matter which kind of metal cell ceiling grille you want to produce, the open cell ceiling automatic making machine produced by KINGREAL is your perfect partner.

4.Advantages of grille ceiling
The exquisite structure of the grid ceiling makes the overall layering richer. Different material grille ceiling has different style effect, such as wood cell ceiling grille is more natural and pure, metal cell ceiling grille is more industrial style, and plastic cell ceiling grille is more suitable for colorful space.

The grid ceiling not only has good ventilation, but also has good fire protection and anti-corrosion effects, making it very suitable for home decoration. In addition, the installation and disassembly of the grid ceiling is simple and convenient, which is conducive to the maintenance of ceiling air conditioners and fire protection pipes.

The cell ceiling grille is simple to install, easy to maintain, and beautiful in appearance, making it very suitable for home decoration. If you want to get more information about cell ceiling girlle production, feel free to contact us!
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