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How to Choose Metal Baffle Ceiling

Time:2023-11-13 Views:724
Metal baffle ceiling is a common architectural decoration materials, used for ceiling and wall decoration and shelter. In the decoration, especially when the kitchen and bathroom decoration, the ceiling is a must-do project, because the ceiling can protect the top wall to increase its service life.

Metal baffle ceiling is a commonly used material for ceiling decoration, and it is easy to install and dismantle, with ventilation and air permeability, very popular in the market. So how to select the square pass? Here are a few points to focus on when selecting metal baffle ceiling:

Material is one of the important factors in choosing U shape baffle. Common materials include aluminum alloy, stainless steel and iron. Aluminum alloy has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance and easy processing, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Stainless steel is characterized by corrosion resistance and high strength, suitable for occasions requiring higher strength and durability. Iron is suitable for applications requiring lower cost.

Surface treatment is also one of the important factors in choosing suspended acoustic ceiling baffles. Common surface treatments include anodizing, spraying and electrophoresis. Anodizing can increase the corrosion resistance and hardness of aluminum squares, spraying can provide more color options, and electrophoresis can provide better surface texture.
Different suspended acoustic ceiling baffles processing technology has a different impact on the service life of the baffles, remember to pay attention to this point when choosing suspended acoustic ceiling baffles.

The height dimension of the U-shape baffle is also an important consideration in the selection. Common height include 150mm, 200mm and so on. Depending on the size and layout of the ceiling or wall, you can choose the appropriate dimension. As a manufacturer of sheet forming processing and manufacturing equipment, KINGREAL is also able to design and produce Automatic 300mm U-Baffle Ceiling Making Machine Line to meet the different production needs of construction plants.

Depending on the specific needs, choosing the right U-shape baffle can ensure its functionality and aesthetics.

When choosing a baffle metal ceiling that suits you, you need to consider factors such as material, size, surface treatment and craftsmanship. By comprehensively considering these factors, you can choose the baffle metal ceiling that best suits your needs, so as to achieve the desired effect. If you want to know more about the baffle metal ceiling, welcome to contact us!

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