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How to prevent the oil temperature from being too high when the hydraulic press is in use?

Time:2021-04-10 Views:2870

1. Use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer of the hydraulic press and the hydraulic oil with the appropriate viscosity. If the hydraulic oil has a high viscosity, especially in areas where the ambient temperature is relatively low, it will cause an increase in flow friction and overheating.
2. Keep the outside and inside of the oil system clean. The contaminants outside the system can isolate and hinder normal oil cooling. The contaminants inside the system will cause wear and tear and cause oil leakage. Both situations will occur. Cause heat generation.
3. The hose should be clamped and positioned reliably, and the pump, hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic components should be replaced in time when they are worn out. Because worn components will increase the leakage, the pump will output full flow for a long time, and the oil passing through the narrow leakage gap will cause a large pressure drop. The increase of time in the case of slow flow output also increases fluid friction. The time for which the force is generated, therefore, the temperature of the oil will rise.
4. Regularly replace the filter element of the hydraulic press to avoid clogging of the filter.
5. Regularly check the water cooler of the hydraulic press and regularly descale the water cooler.
6. Excessive oil return pressure is also one of the reasons for high oil temperature. The reason for the increase of the backup pressure should be checked and eliminated.
7. Check the fluid level of the oil tank of the hydraulic machine frequently. If the oil level is too low, the system will not have enough fluid to take away the heat.
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