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What should I do if the hydraulic pump of a four-column hydraulic press can‘t boost pressure?

Time:2021-03-05 Views:2446

First, clean the safety valve, check whether the valve core is worn, and replace it immediately if it is found to be worn. If there is no change after the safety valve is installed, we will check the wear of the control valve spool at this time. We recommend that the clearance use limit is generally 0.06mm, and should be replaced if it is found to be severely worn.
Second, to check whether there is an internal leakage in the boom cylinder, we can raise the boom to see if it has an obvious free fall. If there is an obvious drop, we need to disassemble the oil cylinder for inspection, and replace the sealing ring if it is worn.
Third, we can also judge by measuring the pressure of the hydraulic pump. If the pressure is low, adjust it, but if the pressure still cannot be adjusted, it means that the manual hydraulic pump has been severely worn.
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