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What should I do if the oil supply pressure of the hydraulic press is too low?

Time:2021-04-08 Views:2566

Most of the hydraulic press automation equipment has the corresponding working life. The machine equipment has been running for a long time. It is inevitable that various parts will appear. There are many reasons why the hydraulic press has no working pressure. If you don’t know the type and specifications of the machine equipment, you can start from some basics. Start with the common sense of maintenance, when the hydraulic system of construction machinery has insufficient working pressure or no working pressure at all, the following methods can be followed.
The oil level should be checked first; if the oil level is lower than the low mark, oil should be added; if the oil level is normal, the oil inlet and outlet pipes should be checked for leakage. If there is oil leakage, it should be eliminated.
If the inlet and outlet pipes are well sealed, check the working conditions of the inlet and outlet pressure valves. If the inlet and outlet pressure valves cannot be closed, they should be removed to check whether there are cracks or scars on the parts, and whether the oil passages and oil holes are If it is unblocked, and whether the spring stiffness becomes smaller, the problem should be solved in time.
If the pressure valve is normal, the hydraulic machine should remove the oil pipe or filter for inspection. If it is blocked, clean and remove the deposits; if the oil pipe is unblocked, check the hydraulic pump, and replace the hydraulic pump if necessary. If the hydraulic oil foams, check the installation of the oil return pipe, if the oil level of the oil return pipe is lower than The oil level of the oil pool should be reinstalled back into the oil pipe.
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