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Why The Ceiling Need To Be Sticking Non-woven Fabrics?

Time:2023-09-20 Views:853

In recent years, non-woven materials are more and more widely used in building decoration. Especially in the decoration of ceiling, pasting non-woven fabric has become a common choice. Why do ceilings need to be laminated with non-woven fabrics? And what is the role and production principle of the Acoustic Fleece Sticking laminating machine?

The benefits of non-woven fabrics on suspended metal ceilings are self-evident. First of all, non-woven fabrics have good sound insulation properties, which can effectively reduce the spread of noise and provide a more comfortable living environment. Secondly, non-woven fabrics have good fireproofing performance, which can effectively prevent the spread of flame and improve the safety of the building.

In addition, non-woven fabrics also have good thermal insulation and moisture-proof performance, which can improve the indoor temperature and humidity environment, providing residents with a more comfortable living space.

As a kind of equipment specialized in laminating, the role of laminating machine has two main aspects. It can improve the construction efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual pasting method, the pasting machine can quickly and accurately paste the non-woven fabric on the ceiling, greatly saving the construction time.

And the machine can improve the quality of the paste. Adopting advanced technology and precise control system, it can ensure the adhesion of non-woven fabric and ceiling firmly, avoiding wrinkles, shedding and other problems, improving the quality and durability of the decoration.

In a word, the acoustic fleece sticking machine can brings convenience and benefits to the decoration work by improving the construction efficiency and laminating quality.  As a manufacturer of sheet forming processing and manufacturing equipment, KINGREAL is also able to design and produce laminating machines to meet the different production needs of construction plants.

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