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Metal Perforation Line

Blanking Line Machine for Metal Acoustic Wall Panel

KINGREAL blanking line machine can perforated metal coil or sheet with high precision. The metal perforation line can be equipped with a rewinding machine to rewind the perforated coils and send them to the next process.
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     Complete Blanking Line Machine Solution 

    KINGREAL full automatic blanking line machine is used for perforating different materials metal coil or panel with high speed and high precision. The hole types and specification are adjustable.

    Perforated metal coil is widely used in industrial. For example, baguette pan, metal filter, acoustic wall panel before roll forming, the raw metal coil must be perforated. To meet the production needs of perforated - cutting / rewind, Kingreal provide a complete blanking line machine solution, the metal perforation line can be equipped with a rewinder, which can help you rewind the perforated coil and send to the roll forming process easily.

    metal sheets for walls machine

     Application of Perforated Metal Coil 

    perforated metal coil

     Main Processes of Coil Blanking Line 

    Loading coil - Decoiler - Straighten - Punching - Feeder - Cutting / Rewinding

    metal perforating machine process

     Main Components of Blanking Line Machine

    decoiler machine
    sheet metal leveling machine
    perforated metal panel machine
    Metal Punching Machine
    coil feeder
    coil cutting machine
    Coil Cutting Machine
    de coiler

     Technical Specs 
    Capacity 1600kN
    Nominal Stroke 3mm
    Slide Stroke 20mm
    SPM 160-220
    Max. Die Height 420mm
    Die Height Adjustment 50mm
    Main Motor Power 18.5KW
    Air Pressure 0.5mm

     What KINGREAL Metal Perforating Machine Can Provide 

    1.Rewind Design

    KINGREAL is able to customize blanking line production solutions according to customer’s requirement. KINGREAL also can provide complete metal punching machine production solution, the blanking line can equip with a rewinder. The perforated coils can be wound up and send to the roll forming process. The rewined coil can roll forming to metal acoustic wall panel, aguette pan, metal filter, and etc..
    coil decoiler
    metal punching machine
    2.High Precision

    KINGREAL metal perforating machine adopts pneumatic brake system makes the perforation more accurate and stable.
    3.Multiple Choice

    The hole types, feed material and apertures can be chosen. 

    Hole types: The metal hole punch press can punch the coil or plate into round holes, square holes, hexagonal holes, and other hole shapes.

    Feed material: The raw material can be aluminum sheet, galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, and etc..

    Aperture: You just need to set the parameters on the electronic control system than the blanking line machine can punch automatically. 
    perforated aluminum coil

     Details of Metal Perforating Machine 

    Material: KINGREAL high speed metal perofrating machine adopts DC53 blade material as the die, which can upgrade the precision and service llife of the punching press machine. 

    Speed: The punching speed is 160-220 strokes per minutes (adjustable).  

    Precision: Eight rows of aluminum holes and four rows of iron holes can be punched each time, it is really fast.

    Adaptability: The metal perforating machine can be matched with any automated production requirement to improve production efficiency and reduce cost.

    stainless perforated sheet machine

     About Metal Acoustic Wall Panel 

    Metal acoustic wall panels offer several advantages and have a wide range of applications. 

    Here are some key benefits:
    Noise Insulation: They control and improve the noise and sound of a space, effectively insulating it from noise.
    Sound Absorption: Acoustic panels absorb sound waves, reducing echo and reverberation, which enhances sound clarity and intelligibility.
    Increased Privacy: By preventing sound leakage, they help maintain privacy within a space.
    Aesthetic Appeal: They can be aesthetically pleasing and are available in various designs to complement interior decor.
    Increased Productivity: In workspaces, they can increase productivity by creating a quieter environment that minimizes distractions.

    perforated steel sheets for walls perforated steel sheets for walls
    perforated metal sheet perforated plate

    Applications of metal acoustic wall panels are diverse, including:
    Recording Studios: For clear sound recording without interference from echoes.
    Auditoriums and Classrooms: To ensure clear communication and reduce noise distractions.
    Offices: To create a conducive working environment by controlling sound levels.
    Commercial Buildings: To enhance the overall acoustic quality of the space for comfort and functionality.

    These panels are a practical solution for managing acoustics in various environments, contributing to both the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Besides, Kingreal blanking line machine is literally the best choice for producing acoustic metal sheets for walls.

     After-Sales Services 

    Services are always highly considered by us, in addition to establishing a complete remote service system, localized after-sales service is also what we have been insisting on doing. The global localization service point is under construction.

    metal punch press after-sales

     KINGREAL in Diverse Exhibitions 

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