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Metal Perforation Line

Sheet Metal perforation Production Line

KINGREAL Metal Perforation Production Line is used for producing different kinds of perforation panel, raw material can be stainless steel, alloy aluminum and glavanized steel.The feed material can be coil or cutted steel material. Main structure of the metal perforation panel can be designed as customers‘ requirements. 

     Video About Perforated Sheet Production:

     Description of Metal perforation Production Line :

    KINGREAL metal perforation production line is used for producing different kinds of perforation panel, raw material can be stainless steel, alloy aluminum and galvanize steel. The feed material can be coil or cutter steel material.

    Main structure of the metal perforation panel can be designed as customers requirements. The raw material can be coil or cutter steel piece.Basic procedure of the production line is uncoiler, servo feeding, gantry press holes punch, then recoil the material. Also we can change the dies of the gantry press to produce
    different type of the perforated panel.

    Advantage of the production line:

    1. This production line can save labors cost when the market get bigger and bigger.

    2. It will save time of cool and drying.

    3. We have the rich production experience. Our production line had already been exported to Dubai, Turkey and etc,
    Which had proved to be high quality, high efficiency.

    4. It is best choice for the aluminum ceiling tile manufacturers and construction supplier factory. 

    Flow chart of steel strip coil perforation production line:

    The basic process of the acoustical ceiling panel textile install machine is manual feeding the ceiling tiles one piece by one piece, when the metal ceiling tiles on the position, the non-woven textile will be cut and then the glue will be spray on the ceiling tiles.

    Then the mechanic hand will push to stick the textile on the back of metal ceiling product. Then the stick metal ceiling tile will be pushed into the converter to get into the drying position. The drying tunnel is about 15meters, after drying, the ceiling tiles can be packed directly to go to market.

    Equipment Composition:

    1. Hydraulic Decoiler

    2. Precision Straightener

    3. Servo feeder

    4. High-speed gantry press machine

    5. Notching and shearing press

    6. Stacking unit

    7. Rewinding

    KINGREAL will configure corresponding production equipment according to your production needs to ensure machine production.

    Application Areas Of Perforated Metal:

    The most common field of use for perforated metal is the construction industry. As we know, the perforated metals have been used in architecture for hundreds of years. Such as the perforated metal ceiling tile can not only increase the aesthetic value of the building but also absorb noise, which is deeply loved by consumers.

    In addition, based on the characteristics of punched metal, it is also made into different shapes and widely used in food production, retail display and used to control the noise.

    Different hole type as you need:

    Round hole perforated

    Square hole perforated

     Slotted hole perforated

    Hexagonal ( honeycomb ) perforated

    Ornamental& decorative perforated

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