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Metal Perforation Line

Stainless Steel Silencer Baffle Tube Perforated Machine

KINGREAL Stainless Steel Silencer Baffle Tube Perforated Machine can punch holes in stainless steel metal sheet or coil to create coil or sheet with a specific pattern by punch dies. The feed material can be stainless steel, aluminum or other materials.
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     Metal Perforated Punching Machine Solution 

    KINGREAL full automatic metal perforated punching machine can perforate specific hole types by changing punch dies. The hole types and specification are adjustable.

    In order to make the finished product have better performance, many industrial products, such as stainless steel silencer perforated baffle tube , baguette pan, acoustic wall panel, both need to go through the punching process before roll forming. In order to cater for the punching-rewinding needs of major metal punching manufacturers, and to make the production process more concise and efficient, KINGREAL provide a complete metal perforated punching  machine solution. A rewinder is equipped in the blanking line, the perforated coil can be rewinded by the rewinder automatically, then the perforated coil can be send to the next process easily.  

    metal punching machine

     Technical Specs 
    Capacity 1250kN
    Nominal Stroke 3mm
    Slide Stroke 20mm
    SPM 100-180
    Max. Die Height 420mm
    Die Height Adjustment 50mm
    Main Motor Power 18.5KW
    Air Pressure 0.5mm

     KINGREAL Successful Projects 

    sheet metal punching machine

     Features of Main Components 

    High Speed Punching Press Machine

    High speed: The punch die used DC53 blade material. The punching speed is 100-180 strokes per minutes (adjustable). Eight rows of aluminum holes and four rows of iron holes can be punched each time, it is really fast.
    High precision:The punching press machine use pneumatic brake system makes the perforation more accurate and stable. 
    Strong compatibility: The feed material of the metal punch press machine can be stainless steel, aluminum or other materials. Moreover, the hole types and specification are adjustable. If you want to adjust, you just need to change the punch die and set the parameter on the control panel.

    Specification of Punching Press Machine
    Capacity 1250 KN
    SPM 100-180
    Max. Die Height 420mm
    Die Height Adjustment 50mm
    Air Pressure 0.5mm

    metal perforating machine

    Servo Motor Feeding Device

    The servo motor feeding device is one piece structure, which is featured with high precision and strong performance and long life time. The feeding roller is hard-chrome treated, helping to improve the wear resistance and reduce the wear of the roller. Besides, the feeder is drived by 7.5 KW Innovance servo motor and featured with fast response and high precision, and accuracy can reach ±0.2mm.

    Specification of Feeding Device
    Width of material <1250 mm
    Thickness of material 0.35 - 2.2 mm
    Feeding roll diameter Φ 90
    Feeding accuracy ± 0.2mm

    coil straightener

    If you need a complete parameter list, please feel free to contact us!

     Application of Stainless Steel Silencer Perforated Baffle Tube 

    Stainless steel silencer perforated baffle tubes are primarily used in exhaust systems to reduce noise. They work by allowing exhaust gases to pass through perforations and then through sound-absorbing materials like stainless steel wire wool, basalt, or glass wool. This setup helps to attenuate the sound without significantly restricting the flow of exhaust gases, which is crucial for maintaining engine efficiency.

    These baffle tubes are designed to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion, making them suitable for various applications, including automotive mufflers, motorcycle exhausts, and industrial machinery. The use of stainless steel enhances the durability and longevity of the silencers, ensuring they can handle the harsh conditions within exhaust systems.

    perforated metal sheet

     Application of Perforated Metal Coil 

    metal plate with holes

     KINGREAL Technical Team 

    KINGREAL is not only  integrating R&D, have our own technical team and factory, but also have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of perforated metal machines. We have successfully customized open cell ceiling production lines to meet the needs of customers in many countries, including Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, India and so on. 

    punching press machine factory

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