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About Us

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Who Are We?

KINGREAL machinery was established in 1995, located in Guangzhou and Foshan city. Our factory covers an area of 8,000 square meters and has more than 120 employees, it’s currently one of the most professional metal sheets forming machines supplier in China.

What are our most popular products?

We have a team of experts who have over 25 years of experience in Full-Automatic Metal Ceiling Tiles Production Lines with Fleece Sticking, Semi-Automatic Metal Ceiling Tiles Production Lines, High-Speed Metal Sheets Perforating Lines, A-shape/Triangle Roll Forming Carriers, Tee Grids Ceilings Production Lines, Independent Fabric Sticking Machines, etc.

What our customers say?

COO - Diljot Singh Sandhu


"Ever Since We Signed Our 1st Contract In 2009, You Have Provided The Highest Quality Machine Along With Even Better Customer Service. Deliveries Are Often Received Earlier Than Expected, And You Are Quick To Resolve Any Issues That Arise.

By This Moment We Have Order 3 Cut To Length Lines And 1 Slitting Lines Form You And Max. Thickness Up To 12mm For CTL & Slitting Line. We Hope You Will Continue To Provide Such Excellent Service To Us As Always."

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