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KINGREAL Silhouette T Grid Roll Forming Machine Exported To India

Time:2023-06-20 Views:1207

 What Is Silhouette T Grid Roll Forming Machine

KINGREAL Silhouette T Grid Roll Forming Machine is a kind of machine and equipment used to produce construction materials. It is mainly used to manufacture Silhouette T Grid, which is a structural material used to support and fix decorative materials such as ceiling and wall.

T Bar Roll Forming Machine

The Silhouette T Bar Roll Forming Machine shapes metal sheets into T-shaped keels by putting them through a series of processing procedures, including shearing, punching and bending, to meet the needs of building decoration. This machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and precision, which can significantly improve the production efficiency and product quality.

 Brief Introduction Of This Project

KINGREAL has been successfully exported to the silhouette T bar roll forming machine to India.

According to the customer‘s production requirements, this silhouette T bar production equipment is divided into two main parts, which are automatic uncoiling and roll forming line and semi-automatic punching machine.

Such a design can effectively reduce production costs and achieve more production benefits for customers. It is especially suitable for manufacturers who do not have special requirements for production speed and output.

KINGREAL is a professional manufacturer of Ceiling T bar Roll Forming Machine in China, with professional technical team and perfect production workshop. We are able to customize the design according to the different needs of customers, welcome to contact us!
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