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Sandwich Panel Production Line

EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

KINGREAL EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line can produce different size EPS sandwich panel, which is fully automated design allows for efficient continuous production.

    Sandwich Panel Production Line Description:

    EPS sandwich panel is a kind of sandwich panel made of polystyrene (EPS) foam. It consists of two outer panels and an EPS foam sandwich in the middle.EPS sandwich panels have the advantages of lightweight, heat insulation, sound insulation, compression resistance, etc., and are commonly used in the fields of building walls, roofs, floors, and insulation materials.EPS sandwich panels have been widely used in the construction industry, and they can improve the thermal insulation performance of buildings.

    EPS Sandwich Panel

    In order to meet the market demand for the production of EPS sandwich panels, KINGREAL combines all major production technologies and is now able to smoothly provide EPS sandwich panel production lines, which are capable of realizing the continuous production process of sandwich panels from panel molding machine, EPS material foaming, assembling, and roller pressing.  EPS sandwich panel production line usually includes EPS raw material pre-foaming machine, extruder, sandwich panel forming machine, cutting machine, packaging machine and other equipment. The process flow of the production line includes raw material pre-foaming, extrusion molding, sandwich panel forming, cutting and packaging.

    EPS Sandwich Panel Production Line

    Through the EPS sandwich panel production line, it can realize the mass production of EPS sandwich panel and improve the production efficiency and product quality. EPS sandwich panel production line has a wide range of applications in the building materials industry.

     Working Process:

    Hydraulic Decoiler -- Roll Forming Machine -- EPS Board Feeding System -- Glue Machine -- Laminating System -- Cutting System -- Cooling System -- Stacking System -- Wrapping Machine

     Main Component Details:

    Hydraulic Decoiler

    The uncoiler is the device that feeds the steel coils into the upper and lower parts of the sandwich panel and stabilizes the feed. The mandrel type hydraulic automatic operation provides easy and precise control.

    The 2+2 system production equipment unit eliminates the need for downtime to load new coil sets and facilitates the continued production of high-capacity panels.

    hydraulic decoiler
    Main Roll Forming Machine

    Roll Forming Unit Equipment

    It is a mechanical equipment used to produce products such as metal sheets and profiles. It processes and molds metal materials to a predetermined shape and size through a series of rollers and a roll pressing process. It is used in sandwich panel production lines to mold the panels of sandwich panels into shape.

    It usually includes components such as feeding device, roller press, shearing device and discharge device, which can be customized and adjusted according to different needs, and is widely used in construction, automotive, aerospace and other industries.

    Glue spraying system

    The glue spraying system in sandwich panel production line is a device used to evenly spray glue on the surface of the panel during the manufacturing process of the sandwich panel. The glue spraying system usually consists of nozzles, pressure control system, gluing system and conveying system, etc. By controlling the pressure and spraying method of the glue spraying system, it can ensure that the glue is uniformly coated on the surface of the sandwich panel, so as to improve the quality of bonding of sandwich panels and the production efficiency.

    The glue spraying system plays a very important role in the sandwich panel production line, which directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the sandwich panel.

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