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The difference between automatic punching machine and laser punching machine

Time:2022-02-15 Views:2410

Punching machines are common equipment in many processing industries, and the development of technology has diversified the types of punching machines. CNC automatic punching machines with good quality are more commonly used in processing plants, and CNC automatic punching machines are completely based on the set parameters.

So what is the difference between a CNC punching machine and a laser punching machine?

1. Punching is more stereoscopic

As the name suggests, laser punching machine uses laser as a punching tool, and uses the high temperature and high penetration characteristics of laser to burn the device sheet that needs to be perforated.

This feature is also a disadvantage. Some products to be processed cannot withstand the impact of high temperature, and the burning of high temperature may leave burning marks on, for example, wooden boards, and damage the parts that do not need punching;

In contrast, the CNC automatic punching machine uses the impact force as the driving force, and uses the traditional tool combined with the CNC technology to accurately perforate the material to be processed. The processed material is more complete and has no traces of burning.

2. Easy to operate without mold

Fully automatic operation in the processing logistics, and this process is precisely controlled by the computer, on the supporting professional software, only need to click the mouse to modify the relevant parameters, so that the processing enterprises can quickly keep up with the trend.

Therefore, the CNC automatic punching machine is more suitable for factories that randomly change the processing parts.


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