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What Are The Common Types Of Materials Used For Aluminum Ceilings?

Time:2023-05-25 Views:36

We all know that aluminum ceiling is the most commonly used building materials for decorative ceiling, which produce by Aluminum Metal Ceiling Tile Production Line Can Be Provided By KINGREAL MACHINERY.

Although they are all aluminum as the original material, but there are also differences, the general ceiling aluminum raw materials on the market are aluminum alloy, not just pure aluminum, because the content of aluminum alloy is different also determine the characteristics of aluminum alloy products are also different, at present on the domestic decorative aluminum ceiling materials market, there are about 3 types of aluminum alloy:

1. Aluminum magnesium alloy, that is, aluminum as the main component, which contains a part of manganese. The special short of aluminum magnesium alloy is that the raw material has good resistance to oxidation, due to the content of manganese, but also has a certain compressive strength and bending stiffness. This also becomes the most idealized alloy material for aluminum ceiling.

2. Aluminum manganese alloy, as the name implies, uses manganese element as the raw material of aluminum alloy.

The compressive strength and bending stiffness of this raw material are slightly better than aluminum magnesium alloy, but the oxidation resistance is slightly lower than that of aluminum magnesium alloy.

3. Aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy has less manganese and magnesium content. Therefore, its compressive strength and bending stiffness are significantly smaller than that of aluminum magnesium alloy. Because of its low content of manganese and magnesium, the strength performance of aluminum alloy is soft, which is good for production and processing, but it is also used in some specific projects.

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