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How to solve the problem of the length of baffle ceiling?

Time:2022-12-15 Views:2030

Aluminum baffle ceiling is produced by Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine, is a popular ceiling material, which is used for decoration in various engineering occasions. Engineering occasions have different sizes, so when the aluminum baffle ceiling is installed, there will be a problem of length usage. How to solve aluminum baffle ceiling what about the general use of length?

Generally speaking, considering the factors of production, processing, packaging, transportation, and loss, the longest length of the aluminum baffle is 6 meters, so what should i do if the length exceeds 6 meters?

The aluminum baffle ceiling can be connected with internal connection parts to meet the length requirements. The size of the internal  connection is just the inner space of the aluminum bastion ceiling, and the two sides are bent without flanging.

Some customers require baffle ceiling, which can better ensure the flatness of the ceiling of the aluminum baffle ceiling. The specific selection depends on the needs, and the length of the inner connection of the aluminum baffle ceiling is generally 10cm. In this way, the appropriate one can be selected according to the actual installation master‘s technology Inner piece length.

You can choose not to spray the color of the aluminum baffle duct internal connection parts, or you can choose the same color as the aluminum square duct. For solid-color aluminum baffle ceilings, the spray color is the same as that of the aluminum baffle ceiling. If it is a wood-grain color aluminum baffle ceiling, the aluminum baffle internal parts generally refer to spraying the background color.

After all, it is used internally. If the craftsmanship is good, the internal parts cannot be seen, so there is no need to process even the wood grain.With the connecting function of the internal parts, the size of the aluminum baffle is generally recommended to be about 4 meters, and the longest is generally no more than 6 meters. Any length of the aluminum baffle can be customized according to the engineering occasion. If it is longer than 6 meters, the connecting piece can be used connect.

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