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300X300mm Perforated Acoustic Aluminum Clip-in Ceiling Tile

Time:2023-10-31 Views:699
The characteristic of 300*300 perforated acoustic aluminum clip-in ceiling tile:
Square aluminum clip-in ceiling tile is sold directly by the manufacturer with exquisite design, which makes the decoration of the space full of warm and elegant aesthetics. Perforated acoustic aluminum clip-in ceiling tile produced by the manufacturer, has good quality, long service life, moreover it has an irreplaceable position in the market.

The decorative effect diagram of square aluminum clip-in ceiling tile

300*300 aluminum clip-in ceiling panels is sold directly by the manufacturer:
Among metal ceilings, aluminum clip-in ceiling panels tile are the later comer surpass. The current market of aluminum clip-in ceiling panels are also divided into the following grades: the first class of aluminum-magnesium alloy, while containing part of the manganese, the material‘s biggest advantage is the antioxidant capacity is good, at the same time because of the addition of an appropriate amount of manganese, in the strength and stiffness has improved, is the best material for the ceiling. The second class of aluminum-manganese alloy, the strength and stiffness of the plate is slightly better than aluminum-magnesium alloy, but the antioxidant capacity is slightly insufficient. The third class of aluminum alloy, the plate contains less manganese and magnesium, so its strength and stiffness are significantly lower than aluminum-magnesium alloy and aluminum-manganese alloy, antioxidant capacity in general.
Aluminum clip-in ceiling panels is the emergence of new decorative materials in recent years, it has a lightweight, water-resistant, non-absorbent, corrosion-resistant, easy to scrub, easy to install, three-dimensional sense of strong, soft and beautiful colors and other characteristics, is completely environmentally friendly materials, by the user‘s welcome. The key to choosing aluminum clip-in ceiling panels does not lie in the thickness, but in the material, household plate 0.6MM is worked, because aluminum clip-in ceiling panels tile is not like plastic steel plate as the span of the problem, the key to choosing in the board‘s elasticity and toughness, followed by the surface treatment.

The decorative effect diagram of square perforated acoustic aluminum clip-in ceiling tile

The characteristic of 300*300 aluminum clip-in ceiling tile:

The surface can be made into holes, and the colors are various, which can be made into milled yarn, pearly-lustre white, ventral membrane, paint, powder coating and so on. The processing is not a straight edge, but a 90-degree folded edge. Some of them are like trapezoidal shape, and the keel is on the outside when installing, it looks like the lines are clear and flat. Installation is also convenient, customers can repair by themselves. As a professional sheet metal ceiling equipment manufacturer,KINGREAL supply the high quality aluminum perforated ceiling tile production line, which can produce different type clip in ceiling tiles.

KINGREAL-Full Solution for Metal Coil Perforation Line

The specifications of 300*300 aluminium clip-in tile ceiling:
The common width of aluminium clip-in tile ceiling is 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm.
Commonly used thickness is 0.5 mm-0.8 mm.
Buckle plate adopts continuous roll forming, conventional maximum length size 6000mm.
P.S: Other special thickness specifications can be customized. The Aluminum Ceiling Tile Production Line produced by KINGREAL, which consists of precise perforation and corner cutting, final bending forming as per requirements. If you have customization needs, welcome to contact us or click on the link to get more information.

The decorative effect diagram of square perforated acoustic aluminum clip-in ceiling tile

The applicable places of 300*300 aluminum clip-in ceiling tile:
Widely used in large shopping malls, stations, passages, high-class office buildings, banks, clubs, kitchens, restrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and even in places with large areas, such as pavilions, hotels, clubs, banks, offices, offices, exhibition halls, stores, offices, hospitals and so on.
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