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Common Knowledge Of Aluminum Linear Strip Ceiling

Time:2023-05-16 Views:1262

Linear Strip Ceiling System is a long strip-shaped distribution, clear lines. The ceiling plane presents the effect of staggered height, three dimensional and strong sense of motion because of the installation difference between the linear strip ceiling and the insert. The ceiling system is neat, generous and compact, with unique shape, strong sense of 3 dimensional and modernity, and with special features.

For the ceiling with sound absorption requirements, can choose perforated board or according to the design of the ceiling structure in the laying of acoustic insulation materials such as glass wool felt.


It can also be added a layer of sound-absorbing cotton paper or black flame retardant cotton cloth on the back of the perforated board, which can achieve a certain standard of sound absorption. For all this product, KINGREAL can design the special equipment to produce different types of ceiling suspended ceilings, such as Linear Strip Ceiling Production Line and Metal Ceiling Perforation Line.

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Decorative panels are divided into C-type seamless strip fasteners, G-type seamed strip fasteners, S-type high-edge strip fasteners, and D-type high-edge close-seamed strip fasteners.

The common widths of strip fasteners are 5mm, 1mm, 15mm, 2mm, 3mm and 4mm.

Aluminum linear strip ceiling manufacturers are commonly used thicknesses of .5mm-1.2mm.

Aluminum linear strip ceiling using continuous roll forming machine, the conventional assemble length size 8mm. The surface coating is generally power electrostatic spraying or polyester paint spraying, roller coating, also can choose brushed surface treatment.

Aluminum linear strip ceiling system is widely used in high-security office buildings, corridors, airports, stations, clubs, banks, shopping malls, exhibition halls, public restrooms, etc.

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