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The Difference Between Aluminum Baffle and Aluminum Square Tube

Time:2023-11-15 Views:574
Modern architectural design presents diverse development trends, and various types of profiles have emerged as a result. Aluminum is favored by the market due to its lightweight nature and excellent fire and corrosion resistance. With a large number of aluminum profiles available on the market, can you distinguish between them? As a professional sheet metal ceiling equipment manufacturer in China, KINGREAL will introduce the differences between aluminum baffle and aluminum square tube, to help readers choose the aluminum profiles that best suit your needs.


Aluminum baffle:There are various types of aluminum baffles, including U-shaped aluminum baffles, grooved aluminum square tubes, and profile aluminum square tubes. Profile aluminum square tubes have a shape similar to U-shaped aluminum baffles. Grooved aluminum square tubes and profile aluminum square tubes are products formed by extruding aluminum profiles, and they have high hardness. However, their specifications are limited due to the constraints of extrusion tooling, and they usually come in common standard sizes. On the other hand, aluminum U-shape baffles are mostly formed by machine processing, and their specifications are flexible and can be freely combined.
Aluminum Square Tube:Aluminum square tube is a type of enclosed aluminum profile that has a rectangular shape. Simultaneously, it is also a profile product manufactured through extrusion process with molds.


2.Installation Method
Aluminum baffle:Aluminum U shape baffle is generally installed by using grids. KINGREAL not only has a complete U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line, but also offers a Ceiling T Bar Roll Forming Machine for you to choose, aiming to make your production more efficient.
Aluminum Square Tube:Aluminum square tube is generally installed by using accessories.

Aluminum baffle:Aluminum U-shape baffle is light and the material is relatively thinner.
Aluminum Square Tube:The aluminum square tube material is thicker, making it more substantial in weight as a whole.

4.Usage Scenarios
Aluminum baffle:Aluminum U shape baffle is generally used for ceiling decoration and is suitable for use in various large venues such as airports, shopping malls, and office buildings. The U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line produced by KINGREAL has helped many manufacturers produce U-shape baffle ceiling efficiently. Aluminum U shape baffle ceiling has the characteristics of facilitating air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation, while also being able to distribute light evenly, making the entire space spacious and bright.
Aluminum Square Tube:Aluminum square tubes are widely used in the fields of construction engineering, home decoration, and railways. In the decoration field, they are generally used in external wall decoration or structural system.

Although aluminum baffle and aluminum square tube may differ in terms of style, material, and usage, they are still widely applicable and cost-effective aluminum building materials in the entire aluminum construction materials market. You can choose the appropriate materials based on specific situations.
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