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The Difference Between Aluminum U Shape Baffle and Aluminum Profile

Time:2023-11-28 Views:524
Both aluminum U shape baffle and aluminum profile are aluminum products, and they are widely used in the industrial field. As a professional sheet metal ceiling equipment manufacturer in China, KINGREAL will introduce the differences between aluminum U shape baffle and aluminum profile to help readers understand how to choose aluminum products to meet different needs.

Aluminum U shape baffle:Aluminum U-shape baffle refers to a square or rectangular ceiling made of aluminum. It is characterized by beautiful shape, bright color, convenient construction, convenient cleaning, and long service life. Aluminum baffle also easy to install and disassemble, and has become popular in the decoration market in recent years.

Aluminum profile: Aluminum profiles refer to various types of cross-sectional shapes made of aluminum alloy. Aluminium alloy sections are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, easy to process, and high-strength, and widely used in construction, aviation, electronics, machinery and other fields.

1.Aluminum U shape baffle:Aluminum baffle is mainly used in the field of indoor ceiling, partition, wall decoration, etc., mainly for decoration and sound insulation. KINGREAL has a complete Aluminum U-Baffle Ceiling Production Line, also can equip perforated machine and other equipment according to your personal needs, to meet your diverse requirements and create a personalized space.

Aluminum profile:Aluminum profiles are more widely used in the fields of building structures, industrial products, vehicle manufacturing, electrical manufacturing, mainly for support and connection.

Aluminum U shape baffle:Aluminum baffles are divided into aluminum alloy baffle and aluminum profile baffle, including aluminum U shape baffle and concave groove aluminum baffle. It is processed by extrusion. After forming, aluminum U-shape baffle has good strength, air circulation, and good decorative design effect.

Aluminum profile:Aluminum profiles are produced through extrusion, which can produce various specifications and sizes of cross-sectional dimensions, with flexibility and good adaptability, and are widely used in the electrical automation industry.

4.Production process
Aluminum U shape baffle:The production process of aluminum U shape baffle is relatively simple, mainly through cutting, bending, overlapping, wire drawing and other processes of aluminum plates.

Aluminum profile:The production of aluminum profiles requires the use of an extrusion molding process, in which preheated aluminum alloy materials are extruded from a mold into various cross-sectional shapes.

In summary, although both aluminum baffles and aluminum profiles are aluminum products, there are certain differences in terms of application, shape and production processes. Understanding these differences can help everyone better select aluminum products to meet different needs.
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