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What are the advantages of open cell ceiling?

Time:2023-06-07 Views:467

Open cell grilles suspended ceiling is produced by Open Cell Ceiling Roll Forming Machine, which is commonly used in all kinds of decoration situations.

open cell ceiling production line

For example, in home decoration, grilles are used for suspended ceilings and are very easy to construct, so what are the advantages of using grilles for suspended ceilings.

Want to understand the advantages of open cell ceiling , first of all, we must understand the advantages of the use of grill products themselves, open cell ceiling itself advantages are very much, in the decoration of a wide range of applications, its characteristics are:

1. The ventilation properties of open cell ceiling are excellent.

The most direct advantage of the grille lies in its good ventilation, which is also due to its structure cut point, the general wooden grille will be made into a grid or vertical strip, the middle is hollow shape, so the ventilation is excellent.

2. The plasticity of the grille is good.

The wood material used in the production of the grille is so plastic that it can be customised according to the different needs of the customer and made into different shapes, which can also meet different occasions and special environments for use.

3. The use of grilles can reduce the direct sunlight, the use of wooden grilles on balconies or corridors, etc., can reduce the direct sunlight for the interior to a certain extent, reduce the sun‘s heat radiation to the interior, to achieve the effect of energy saving.

4. The grille is aesthetically pleasing and can be made into delicate shapes as required, making it stylish and durable for use as a partition in an entrance hall.

5. The structure of suspended open cell ceiling is stable. The connection is relatively strong and stable, and it is easy to dismantle, reusable and easy to maintain.

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