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What is the Advantage of Acoustic Ceiling Tile?

Time:2023-11-06 Views:646
Are you troubled by noise and don‘t want to bother with soundproofing-renovation? Is there an easy method to improve the sound insulation of the ceiling? Of course, a very common method is to choose to add a layer of sound-absorbing tissue paper on the back of the square panels to achieve certain sound absorption standards.
An acoustic square ceiling tile is a type of ceiling tile that is designed to improve the sound quality in a room. They are made of materials that absorb sound waves, rather than reflecting them. This helps to reduce echo and improve the overall acoustics in a room. They are often used in commercial or industrial settings, such as offices, schools, and hospitals. No matter which plan you adopt, KINGREAL can customize different production solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

Acoustic ceiling tile have many advantages and are widely used in decoration. Its advantages include:

(1)Effectively Reduce Noise Transmission
The purpose of acoustic tiles is to provide a material, usually on the ceiling, that will absorb part of the sound energy that strikes against it. This will lower the reflected sound energy from that surface to reduce echoes in the room. This is called “reverberation control”.

Adding sound-absorbing cotton not only increases the sound insulation effect of the square panel ceiling, but also retains the characteristics of the square plate, which is mooth surface, graceful,elegant, and open.

(3)Efficient Installation and Maintenance
The acoustic square ceiling plank can be simply installed using carriers and related accessories. Each tile can be disassembled and assembled independently, it very conveniently to make daily maintenance and clean. The Full-Automatic Acoustic Ceiling Tiles Textile Sticking Machine produced by KINGREAL, can greatly improve your production efficiency, this production line mainly contains following procedures: Automatic loading, Cutting, Textile Sticking, Flattening, Final Product Output.

(4)Good Durability
The acoustic square ceiling panel is equipped with sound-absorbing cotton are not only fireproof, moisture-proof, and anti-corrosion, but also easy to assemble and disassemble. Each panel can be disassembled and assembled independently, which facilitates daily maintenance and cleaning. This also extends the service life of the acoustical square ceiling panel.
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