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Why Aluminum Baffle Ceiling Becoming More and More Popular?

Time:2023-11-03 Views:687
Why Aluminum Baffle Ceiling needs to be laminated?
The use of aluminum baffle ceiling is becoming more and more common, the Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Machine produced by KINGREAL Can be customized according to customer requirements of different sizes of baffle. Because aluminum has a certain role of rust prevention, so people are curious why the aluminum baffle ceiling also do laminating treatment? In fact, the main reason to do laminating treatment is to protect the aluminum cube ceiling , at the same time, you can also add a variety of styles on the ceiling to attract consumers to buy, so it brings more benefits than costs, so the aluminum baffle ceiling manufacturers are willing to laminating.

The Advantages of lamination 
Anti-Fumes: After the manufacturer laminated the aluminum U-shape baffle ceilings, cleaning becomes very convenient, especially the cleaning of the fumes is more convenient, these oil stains will not be soaked into the ceilings to affect the beauty of the ceilings.
Durability: Because of an additional layer of film to the baffle ceiling, so a certain degree of isolation of oxygen and aluminum U shape baffle ceiling contact directly, to avoid the speed of oxidation of smallpox too fast and to extend its service life, so it is more durable.
Smoothness: The touch is different between use of film and no use of film ceiling , the use of film touch flat and smooth will not appear bumpy feeling, consumers will like it better.

Other Surface Treatment Processes
Enameled: Some manufacturers are afraid that the film is easy to fall off so they will painting instead of laminating the film, and the rustproof effect of painting is better, there are a lot of colors to choose and you can also design different styles on it.
Anodized: This method is often used in executive aluminum baffle ceiling, because of the high cost of this method, so it leads to high production costs, but the surface effect of this treatment is very good, using more than ten years will not oxidize.

Aluminum baffle ceiling not only has special surface treatment processes,but also some special dimensions, specially 300MM height U baffle ceiling which require custom production. As a professional ceiling production machine manufacturer, KINGREAL is also able to design and produce 300MM height U Baffle Ceiling Roll Forming Line to meet the different production needs of construction plants. If you are interested in knowing more about aluminum baffle ceiling, welcome to contact us!

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