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What Is The Lay-In Ceiling Tile?

Time:2023-11-02 Views:1218
1、The Features of Lay-In Ceiling Tile
(1)The lay-in ceiling tile contains three parts: the panel system, the ridged carrier system, and the upper light steel carrier system. The lay-in ceiling tile is with a smooth surface, distinct edges and lines. The whole ceiling is regular, graceful,elegant, and open. White ridges make the ceiling surface uniform and integral. The lay-in ceiling tile has many merits, for example, non-combustible, anti-corrosion, damp-proof,and easy to dismantle. As every gusset plate can be installed and dismantled individually, it is very convenient to install, maintain, and clean. For ceilings with sound absorption requirements, you can choose to add a layer of sound-absorbing tissue paper or black flame-retardant cotton cloth on the back of the perforated panels to achieve certain sound absorption standards, the Metal Ceiling Acoustic Fleece Sticking Machine  produced by KINGREAL can help you accomplish this step easily.
 Metal Ceiling Acoustic Fleece Sticking Machine

(2)When decorating, square lay-in planks can be decorated with recessed light fixtures,allowing the light fixtures to become part of the building ceiling. With no cutting of ceiling tiles required, making for an easy and cost-effective installation. Easily makes for a more aesthetically pleasing decorating environment.
decorated with recessed light fixtures

2、The Specifications of Lay-In Ceiling Tile
Plate Specification: 300*600mm,300*1200mm,600*600mm,600*1200mm,600*1800mm etc.
Plate Edge Specification: 595*595mm,603*603mm etc.
Border Height: 8mm,10mm,15mm,20mm etc.
Special specifications can be customized by lay-in ceiling panels manufacturers in accordance with customer requirements.

3、The Application of Lay-In Ceiling Tile
The product is widely used in office buildings, offices, corridors,airports, railway stations, factories, hospitals, clubs,banks,shopping malls, exhibition halls and so on.

The Application of Lay-In Ceiling Tile

4、The Installation of Lay-In Ceiling Tile
Ceiling T Bar is characterized by moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, non-fading, easy to install, save installation time, often used for the installation of open frame square plate. So T grid, a component of the ceiling installation system is also increasing demand. The surface of the lay-in ceiling is flat, and the ceiling system is regular, generous, and has a wide view. The black T grid compartmentalizes the panels for clean lines and a three-dimensional look. KINGREAL Ceiling T Bar Roll Forming Machine is design for produce the metal ceiling carrier keel to used in lay-in ceiling. 
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